Monday, 27 February 2012

A weekly meal plan and a shopping list

A friend in the schoolyard said this morning that she was planning to cook a week of my meals.  I'm thrilled that people are using the ideas and pleased to be helping with meal planning.  She suggested that I could maybe do a shopping list as well on the blog. So below is a guide for a weeks menu, then at a later date I could add another week.  I will include a full shopping list, so all you have to do is cook the meals and enjoy them. The list below includes ingredients for all of the meals based on a family of four. I have included prices from Tesco online, which will just be a guide, as they are the products I would chose. The total cost is under £95.00, for 7 evening meals, which is around £13.50 per meal. I realise I have chosen the meal with haddock which bumps the price up a bit because of the price of fish, but it's such a lovely meal it's worth the extra. Obviously you are not going to use everything up, so infact it's less per meal and lots of store cupboard ingredients for future meals.

Chicken with lemon and honey
Shopping List
3 packs of boneless chicken thigh fillets (2 for lemon chicken, 1 for Hunters chicken) - £10.17
2 lemons - 60p
jar of runny honey - £1.00
fresh rosemary - 80p
packet of pasta penne - 95p
pack of feta cheese - £1.42
pack of 3 large mixed peppers or 3-4 of the colour of your choice - £1.65
olive oil - £2.49
packet of salad - £1.00
4 large salmon fillets - £8.00
Roasted Peppers with pasta and feta cheese
300g of cherry tomatoes on the vine
Salmon wrapped in parma ham with vine tomatoes
2.5 kg potatoes for wedges and mash - £1.90
Pack of parma ham - £2.69
head of brocoli - £1.10
Hunters Chicken
pack of dried porcini mushrooms - £2.99
Thai Pork burger with sweet potato wedges and mango salsa
garlic - 59p
2 x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes - £1.42
onions - 82p
pack of smoked bacon - £2.84
balsamic vinegar - 99p
bottle of red wine - £5.00
chilli flakes - 95p
Lean pork mince - £3.66
2 sweet potatoes - £1.00
thai red curry paste - £1.21
red onion - 18p
coriander - 80p
pack of red chillis - 65p
1 mango £1.50
a lime - 30p
500g bag of fresh spinach - £2.50
butter - £1.40
600g uncooked haddock fillets - £11.00
dijon mustard - 65p
gruyere cheese - £2.50
half fat creme fraiche - £1.19
breadcrumbs - £1.29
new potatoes - £1.35
peas - £1.25
spaghetti - £1.35
black olives £1.69
capers - £1.31
tin of anchovies - 73p
tomato puree - 48p
parmesan cheese - £4.11

Quick Smoked Haddock Gratin
Spaghetti Puttanesca


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    1. Interesting to do and to work out the cost, I suppose per head it's not much per meal. The list includes ingredients that will then become store cupboard items. Hope it helps. x