Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Amaretto Syllabub

I want to have a nice meal for Valentines Day, but I don't want to spend hours cooking it. These little desserts are so quick, no cooking, just whisking. Very creamy and rich, but as I don't normally eat desserts on a regular weekday, I can have an exception tonight. The amaretto liqueur is something I have in because I have done this recipe a few times before, it will last ages and it's a lovely drink too. It reminds me of my honeymoon in Greece, the first time I tried it. This recipe is from "Nigella Express", also a great book.

Serves 4
80 ml amaretto liqueur
25g caster sugar
15 ml of lemon juice
250 ml double cream
1 x 250g packet of amaretti biscuits

Pour the amaretto liqueur into a bowl with the sugar and the lemon juice and whisk to mix.
Whisk in the double cream and whip this mixture until thickened but still soft and billowy.
Crumble 2 amaretti biscuits into each of the 4 glasses.
Divide the syllabub between the glasses, spooning it on top of the crumbled biscuits.
Crumble another biscuit or two and sprinkle this golden rubble over the top of the syllabub in each glass.

I used the soft amaretti biscuits as the recipe specified, I have changed the recipe to either. I think I would have preferred the hard biscuits in this dessert. 

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