Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Steak Frites

I think Steve gave up taking me out for meals on Valentines Day a long time ago. I'm a bit critical and a bit of pain when eating out. If the meal is not better than I could have cooked at home, I do go on about it a bit. I would never order fillet steak in a restaurant, I feel it is so over priced. The meat tonight was under £10 for two of us from a local farm shop and was really delicious. Also when we have steak, Steve likes to take control in the kitchen.  One of the reasons for cooking it tonight. The frites were frozen, I don't have a deep fat fryer or a chip pan, but that's fine. I don't think you could have a simpler more tasty meal dining in. It barely needs a recipe.

Take the steak out of the fridge to reach room temperature.  When you are ready to cook it, dry with kitchen paper, lightly oil the steaks (not the pan) and season well with salt and pepper. Cook on as high a heat as you can on the hob. I like medium rare, 3-4 min each side, then leave to rest covered in foil in a warm oven for 5 min. Pour the juices that have accumulated from the resting on top of the meat. 

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