Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bread maker Pizza

I certainly haven't mastered the art of pizza dough, but even though it wasn't perfect tonight this was still a way tastier pizza than anything you can buy. Probably like many people, I have a bread maker that sits for most of the time on top of the fridge unused. When I do use it I wonder why I don't make bread every day, but it's just another thing to think about. However I do use it now and again for making pizza dough. I have done that tonight, as I'm a bit fed up of cooking, also the fridge is looking a bit sparse again. I used what I had in the fridge, which is pretty much the same ingredients I used on the skinny pizza. I will get around to writing a list of ingredients I would ideally have in the fridge at all times. I happen to have olives, parma ham and sundried tomatoes alot of the time. I split the pizza dough into two pieces and rolled them out into 2 thin pizzas and left them to rise. Even easier buy ready made pizza bases and just add the toppings.

1 quantity of pizza dough split into two
tomato puree or drained chopped tomatoes
grated cheese (I used cheddar and gruyere which I had left over from the haddock dish)
Sun dried tomatoes
black olives
Parma ham torn up into pieces

Assuming you have a bread maker, make the dough according to the manual.
Roll out to the desired shape and leave to rise in a warm place or prove in the microwave.
Pre-Heat the oven to 220C.
Add the toppings
Bake for 15 min until bubbling and the dough is cooked and risen.


  1. Sally gave me the inspiration to make my own pizza again using the bread maker for the dough. They were fab - so much nicer than bought ones. Thanks Sal!

  2. Thank you Jane, I rarely enjoy shop bought pizzas, they lack in toppings, at least if you make your own, you can pile on the flavours.