Saturday, 22 June 2013

Double chocolate and fig cookies

This recipe comes from 'Elizabeth's kitchen' food blog, which inspires me on numerous occasions. I had to try this recipe, loving figs and chocolate as I do. I made some yesterday morning with half of the dough to take to a Charity coffee morning, they seemed to go down a treat. I have just made a second batch with the left over dough. We ate them warm from the oven, soft and chewy with gooey chocolate oozing from them, they were heavenly. My sister is calling for coffee in an hour or so, she'll be lucky if there's any left by then. The following link takes you to the recipe. DoubIe chocolate, fig and oatmeal cookies. I used plain flour instead of spelt flour (the same amount specified in the recipe).

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  1. Oh I'm so delighted you've tried the recipe and you love them! :) I'm very flattered at your compliments, too, thank you! x