Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day two of frugal challenge

Assume that lunches and breakfasts are much the same each day unless stated otherwise. I did make porridge with half milk and half water as I am not sure that I can make the milk last all week. Tea tonight was tuna fishcakes with broccoli. Using leftover potaotes, 3 very old spring onions and a pinch of dried chilli flakes added to one tin of value tuna, they were pleasant though not that filling. I didn't coat them in breadcrumbs this time and didn't use an egg, they held together, but stuck to the pan slightly. I also used the juice of  half a lemon instead of a lime and forgot to put sweet chilli sauce in the mix, but served it on the side.  As Steve was still a bit hungry, I chopped him up a banana and served it with some out of date natural yoghurt (which tasted perfectly fine) and a ready made meringue which has been hanging around a while. If he is hungry later there is always porridge. The kids are eating the fruit and bourbon biscuits rather too quickly. I've warned them once they've gone that's it, I'm not buying any more this week. I made ice lollies from the value orange juice, so at least they have something treaty when they come in from school. 

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