Monday, 3 June 2013

Day one of frugal challenge

The day started with porridge for breakfast. I bought value porridge oats and I couldn't have differentiated between those and Quaker Oats which I normally buy. The kids had their usual cereals from the cupboard and packed lunches with crisps, ham buns and carrot sticks. For lunch I made another Spanish tortilla (see previous post) and served it with some leftover salad leaves, as a friend was popping by. The potatoes I used were looking a bit sorry for themselves in the bottom of the cupboard. I'll use the rest of them for tuna fishcakes tomorrow night. Another time there may have been a tendency to just chuck them away, but not this week. I also used a red chilli and some garlic which I had in the fridge. I ordered tesco value pizza bases by mistake on my shop, just as well, as the pitta breads that I was going to use to make pizzas were way too small. Using store cupboard ingredients of a tube of tomato purée and a few jalapeño peppers I made the two pizzas. This stretched to feed a friend of James and a small slither each to Rachel's friends who also popped by. For these, I used half a block of value mature cheddar cheese and a few slices of value ham. Not sure I like the look or the taste of the ham, but figured it was probably what you got on the majority of ready made pizzas. 
I found the pizza incredibly tasty, I love jalapeños on pizza, I love the kick they give. A small amount of fruit and a value bourbon biscuit for dessert was ample for day one.

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