Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day three of frugal challenge

I always enjoy this meal of Pasta with a chilli and bacon sauce. For this I used value pasta and tomatoes, onions and value bacon. I would say the only difference in the bacon was the fact the rashers were very thinly sliced. I used half the pack of bacon and have saved half for some soup later on in the week. I didn't use any sundried tomatoes in the sauce but sprinkled on some parmesan which wasn't included in the weeks shop, but it's something I usually have in the fridge. At the end of the challenge I will list any ingredients used which weren't included in the £41 shop. 
The one bottle of wine remains unopenend. I love wine especially around meal times, and especially when the sun in shining. So far I have resisted and have found it easier than I thought. I'll try not to open it until I make my cheddar cheese risotto, which may be Friday, then I'll really enjoy and appreciate a glass. 


  1. I can save some money by NOT BUYING PARMESAN

  2. I am presuming that means you don't like parmesan. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE PARMESAN?

  3. "Butyric acid is found in milk, especially goat, sheep and buffalo's milk, butter, Parmesan cheese, and as a product of anaerobic fermentation (including in the colon and as body odor). It has an unpleasant smell and acrid taste..."

    1. That"s me told, still love it though. Guess you love it or hate it.