Friday, 7 June 2013

Day five of frugal challenge

I was ever so pleased with myself tonight when I realised that I could make gnocchi out of the leftover mashed potato. I've never made gnocchi before and found it quite straightforward and quite amazing to make a dough out of cold potato. I have only ever eaten the shop bought variety, so I am not sure if it tasted as it should. However I was the only one who liked it and I really did like it. Steve ate it but refused seconds, which is very unlike him. James wasn't here for tea. If the sun is out, then he is out playing. I used some sage leaves from my neighbours garden, which I fried in butter. I then added some more butter and lemon juice which made a lovely sauce to drizzle on the gnocchi. The meal was finished off nicely with parmesan and black pepper. I felt my efforts were somewhat wasted, as I had to then make Rachel an alternative tea of pasta mixed with some pesto (which I had open in the fridge). Rather than post the whole recipe I've put a link to the Good Food website. I used the following amount of ingredients to serve 2-3.

300g mashed potatoes
1 egg
100g strong white flour

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