Saturday, 23 February 2013

Houmous and Sun dried tomato wraps with pine nuts

I have been making these wraps on a regular basis ever since I ordered one for lunch in a local cafe. I find wraps make a much more substantial and interesting lunch than a sandwich. The kids like piling in a variety of fillings and making them so fat they can hardly fold them. This is one of my favourite fillings.

Serves 4 for a light lunch
4 flour tortillas
a pot of houmous
sundried tomatoes
a handful of pine nuts
a bag of salad leaves

Lightly dry fry the pine nuts until they are just browning.
Place the salad, houmous and sundried tomaotes in the middle of the wrap. Sprinkle the pine nuts on top and fold in the wrap at the bottom and then the sides. 


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  2. Salut! Je vous donne toujours dix points!

  3. Sally, I don't know how you manage it ! Just had time to sit down after holiday unpacking and you've been blogging again already ! We had a great time and the four meals I did of yours went down very well, especially with the children. We had your Italian Traybake, Beef stew with green peppercorns, leak and bacon pasta meal and Keema curry. Needless to say our friends are now converts to your blog. I often feel nervous about cooking a new recipe but not so with yours as they always work. Even if you blog no more there are enough meals here to keep me going forever ! Alison.

    Oh and I saw Laroche not Alan, they having a bit of a competition ?!

    1. I am delighted that all the meals were a success, and thankyou for spreading the word.
      The leek and bacon meal is a great one for holidays and big crowds. Most definitely one of our family favourites. Sounds like you ate well while you were away, hope you had a good time. I miss blogging when I am on holiday, so I always get straight back to it. Alan has been very supportive of my blog since I started, I have known him for years.
      I think people find it difficult to comment as friends tend to comment on Facebook rather than on here. I always enjoy the comments.