Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sausages with mustard mash and sweet and sour peppers

Ok, so I have given up on the summery theme and gone for something warm and comforting. What better than sausages and mash. This recipe comes from Gordan Ramsay's "Great British Pub Food".

Serves 4
8 good quality pork sausages

Mustard mash
1kg maris piper potatoes
150ml double cream. (I left this out in an effort to be healthy)
75ml of milk
75g butter
a dollop of wholegrain mustard
sea salt and black pepper

Sweet and sour peppers
2 large red peppers, trimmed, deseeded and finely sliced ( I used orange and yellow)
olive oil
few thyme sprigs (I used dried thyme)
little splash of red wine vinegar
pinch of caster sugar (optional)

Either fry the sausages or cook them in the oven. Cook your mashed potatoes and then add the cream, butter, milk, seasoning and the mustard. Cook the peppers in the olive oil with the thyme and some seasoning. After 5 mins add the wine vinegar and cook until the pan is quite dry. Taste and season and add the sugar.
Serve the sausages on a pile of grainy mash with the sweet and sour peppers on the side.

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