Friday, 27 April 2012

Salmon and dill fish cakes

The only fiddly thing about these fishcakes is taking the skin off the salmon fillets, from then on they are quick and simple to prepare. They make a really nice alternative to just cooking a piece of salmon and also make a change from fishcakes that are mostly made up of potato. My kids love them and although I have made them a few times, it was the first time I made the yoghurt and mustard dressing with them. This went down very well last night. The fishcakes look like they won't stay together when you put them in the pan, but the flour and egg binds holds them together really well and they are easy to turn in the pan. This recipe is taken from Nigel Slater 'Kitchen Diaries', a really wonderful cookbook, even just for the reading.

Serves 3
500g salmon
a large egg white
a small bunch of dill
a tbsp of flour
a tsp of grain mustard
the juice of half a lemon
olive oil 
salt and pepper

To serve:
lemon wedges
thick yoghurt with dill and grain mustard

Remove the skin from the salmon, then chop the flesh finely. Put in a bowl, with the egg white, a couple of tablespoons of the dill, the flour, mustard and lemon juice, then mush together with a generous grinding of salt and pepper. Squash spoonfuls of the mixture together lightly with your hands to make ten small balls. Flatten each one and set aside for a few minutes.
Heat a little oil in a shallow pan. Place the patties in the hot oil for two to three minutes, until they have coloured on the underside. Turn them with a palette knife and colour the other side. Cut one in half to check for doneness. The fish should be lightly cooked within and golden and crisp on the outside,
eat with wedges of lemon and the mustard sauce.
Also good with rice and sweet chilli dipping sauce.

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