Saturday, 14 April 2012

Baked Smoked Gammon with Parsley Sauce

I actually can't take any credit for this meal apart from placing the ham in the oven. I left our friend Simon to do the cooking while us girles went out shopping. Simon is used to cooking huge hams for large numbers of people so this little piece was a doddle for him. I don't really need to write a recipe. The ham was approx. 2.8kg and cooked in the oven covered in foil for just over 2 hours at 180C. The foil was removed about half an hour before the end of the cooking, or whatever the packet advises. This piece didn't have much fat on, but with a piece with fat on, I would score the meat and brush on some orange marmalade or black treacle. The sauce was a basic b├ęchamel sauce, with fresh parsley added at the end. Leftovers if any, are lovely with fruity chutneys or in sandwiches.

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