Thursday, 8 November 2012

Venison steaks with morello cherry sauce

Steve and I had the luxury of being alone at meal time last night while both kids were out at various activities. That morning I remembered about some Venison steaks that had been lurking in the freezer for a bit too long. I will give Aldi a big hands up here, as they were their frozen Scottish Venison steaks, which I notice they still sell but they now come from New Zealand. They were extremely tender and tasty, much stronger flavour than a fillet beef steak and I believe a much healthier option.  The steaks were just fried for a few minutes on each side for medium rare, then left to rest for a couple of minutes. I luckily had a jar of morello cherry jam in the cupboard, a couple of large tablespoons simmered with red wine for ten minutes made a perfect accompaniment.
I made some hassleback potatoes, which just involved cutting into the potatoes all the way along, but not all the way through (I put a skewer along through the bottom which prevented from cutting all the way through, a good tip from olive magazine) and roasting them in hot oil for 1 hour. Adding fresh rosemary 10 minutes before the end of cooking and a sprinkling of salt just before serving.

I felt it was a meal fit for a king, a glass of red wine and peace and quiet. Heaven.

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