Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pasta with savoy cabbage, bacon, thyme and mozzarella

James told me at the last minute he needed ingredients for his cookery lesson, so another trip to Aldi was needed. I picked up some pitta breads to make the kids pitta bread pizza for tea on Friday.
The adults had the left over cheese and potato pie which heated up beautifully (Aldi meal No. 4). I enjoyed it more that night. It can definitely be described as frugal food. Even with the extra trip my shopping bill has been way less this week and I still have some of the ingredients in the fridge to make another meal on Monday. I have had to resort to a tesco shop today as I have family coming for tea and could not have stretched to a meal for nine people. Last night for Aldi meal No.5, I made this very delicious Jamie Oliver, meal first posted in March 14th.

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