Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lasagne al forno

Last night I had one of those 'Why do I bother moments'. I bought a minced beef pie from Marks and Spencer and served it with tinned mushy peas. Rachel said "mmmn this is my favourite meal" while lavishly piling mint sauce on. Undeterred today I made Lasagna for Fathers Day Lunch, I think she enjoyed last nights tea more but the rest of us cleared out plates. I'm going to put a link to the recipe on delias website. It's such a long recipe to write out. I see it's another recipe that Delia has updated since the original Version in the 'Complete Illustrated Cookery Course' book, which I followed today. I used 1kg of minced beef, bacon instead of pancetta and I didn't use mozarella. I cooked the ragu on the stove 25 minutes with a lid and 25 minutes without a lid, the recipe now states to slow cook the sauce in the oven for 4 hours. Nice if you have the time but not necessary.

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  1. Mmm, c'est délicieux! Mais, de la nourriture sans fromage peut-être, s'il vous plâit? Venez bientôt chez moi avec votre mari, votre fille et votre fils pour prendre le dîner!