Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ginger Ale and Elderflower cordial with fresh mint and lemongrass

We went out for a celebration lunch to a friends house on Sunday and not only was the food really lovely, (cooked and served effortlessly by a very elegant host catering for 40 or so people), there were also some really great non-alcoholic drinks for the drivers amongst us. I adore white wine and know that I drink far more than I should according to all these government guidelines, so I'm happy to find a drink that I might enjoy nearly as much as wine. This refreshing summery drink is a really good non-alcoholic alternative. I'm not sure of the amounts that my friend used, but tonight I just added some elderflower cordial (you could use sparkling elderflower) to the ginger ale, added some fresh mint leaves and chilled with some ice cubes. Unfortunately I didn't have any fresh lemongrass, but the addition of it would have enhanced the flavour. A great idea for any summer parties that you may have coming up.

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  1. You are too kind!! I wasn't sure of quantities either, just kind of guessed. Pleased you enjoyed yourselves x