Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pork Saltimbocca

This is a classic Italian dish which should be made with veal. I have never cooked with veal and don't intend to, so this recipe with pork works really well instead. This is from Delia Smiths 'Summer Collection'. I used the make this dish with chicken, but having had this version cooked for me at a friends house I have done this recipe ever since. It's a really nice dinner party meal. 

Serves 2
8oz pork tenderloin, cut into 6 medallions, 1 inch thick
6 slices of parma ham 
6 large fresh sage leaves
olive oil
170 ml marsala wine
salt and freshly milled black pepper

First of all beat the pieces of meat out to make them a little thinner. Use a clenched fist to do this, but don't go mad and break the meat – it just needs to be flattened and stretched a bit. Season the meat with salt and pepper and now lay the slices of Parma ham on top of it (because they won't be precisely the same size, fold the ham and double over the pieces if necessary to make them fit).

Now place a sage leaf in the centre of each piece and secure it with half a cocktail stick, using it as you would a dress-making pin. Next, measure the Marsala into a small saucepan and place it on a gentle heat to warm through. Now heat the oil in the frying pan until fairly hot, then fry the slices of pork (sage leaf side down first) for 2 minutes, then flip the pieces over and fry them for another 2 minutes.

After that, pour in the hot Marsala and let it bubble and reduce for a minute or so until it becomes a syrupy sauce. Now transfer the pork to warm serving plates, remove the cocktail sticks and spoon the sauce over. Serve with sautéed potatoes sprinkled with a few herbs before cooking, and a mixed salad.

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