Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cavatelli Primavera

Gosh, I've gone all Italian just because the sun has been shining today. This is a recipe I was reminded of after my trip to London last weekend, a recipe I haven't done for a long time. Lots of summeriness all around (Is that a word? It should be).

Serves 4
a punnet of cherry tomatoes, halved (approx 300g)
250g fresh ricotta
1 glass olive oil
fresh basil leaves
salt and pepper
fresh parmesan cheese (lots of it)
pasta (I used farfalle)

Put the tomatoes in a dish, add the olive oil, basil, salt and pepper and stand for an hour.
Five minutes before the pasta is cooked add the ricotta to the tomatoes. Drain the pasta, toss together with the tomatoes and sprinkle generously with fresh parmesan and olive oil if needed.

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