Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wasps in Spain

My children are terrified of wasps. I think I have instilled that fear into them. When they were little I used to run around like a crazy lady whenever one came near me. I remember once leaving Rachel as a baby strapped in a chair in the garden and running like a mad thing into the house because a wasp was buzzing around. Not surprising then. So when we are trying to have a lovely lunch on the terrace in Spain, with cheese and melon, serrano ham and of course red wine, the whole family are running around like mad things. I have resorted to burning fresh coffee, a tip I picked up from my friend Abbie. I don't know if it's working, although the wasps have been very sparse for a while, but the smell is actually quite appealing. Tobacco without the nastiness, and it's making me feel quite relaxed so that's fine, not to mention the red wine and pre-lunch bacardi and coke. I have of course made a Spanish tortilla and last night a Valencian dish of Chicken in oranges which I will try and
post soon.. I need to learn to speak Spanish, the ignorance of the English abroad. For now I am trying to ignore the wasps and thinking about a little siesta before a dip in the pool.  

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