Saturday, 24 August 2013

Spaghetti with chorizo and red peppers

We did venture out for a meal the other evening. I looked at trip advisor and chose a restaurant very close to where we are staying. It had good reviews on the site. We realised it was geared towards the English and English run when we arrived as the menu was in English. It was a pleasant meal and very good value as it included wine and 3 courses. The portions were huge and the children were pretty full after the starters. Though they manged to finish the desserts completely, funny that.  They were the best part. I do think there is a tendency to think people are happy if they just get served a huge plate of food. In my opinion it's quality not quantity. So I think we have decided to eat in the majority of the time and just go out for ice creams and coffees.  I made this dish the other evening. Very easy to do, and of course not limited to Spain as these ingredients are staple and are available everywhere. A great dish with lots of lovely flavours. The following link will take you to the Good Food website for the recipe. 
Spaghetti with Spanish flavours

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