Thursday, 3 January 2013

Let's get cooking

Happy New Year. I've had a bit of a break from continuous cooking, meals out, a trip  to London, with a meal in Chinatown and ice creams at the Fortnum and Mason Tea Parlour. Plenty of cheese and leftovers on the menu too. Christmas dinner was a great success, very easy and I actually enjoyed it. Of course the usual stressing that the veggies weren't cooked enough when everything else was ready. It all came together and was much appreciated by my family. A New Year's Eve curry went down well, a new recipe which I photographed, but it came out very blurred for some reason. I'll have to make it again and blog it when I am not under the influence .

I got a trio of cook books for Christmas, but for a couple of weeks at least I think I'll be finding some low fat, healthy recipes on the good food website. Might be useful for those of us who feel we've eaten a bit too much over the Christmas.

Anyway that can start next week as I have family coming to stay for 3 nights, so it's not the right time to start cutting down. I tried another recipe from Nigellissima last night, Sicilian tomatoes with almonds and anchovies, I didn't love it so didn't feel it was worth posting the recipe.

The red ballet shoes were a Christmas present from one of my oldest friends, they are objects of beauty which I had to share.  

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