Sunday, 16 September 2012

Japanese crispy chicken with chilli dipping sauce

I apologise for the quality of the photo, it was taken on James Ipod Touch as I haven't got my camera at the moment. Another Asian themed meal last night from John Torode, in an old edition of Olive Magazine.  Sometimes when I cook I don't enjoy the meal as much as the other people eating it, I'm quite critical of my own cooking. But this one was one of the nicest meals I have made in a long time. I have never had so many compliments from James during a meal, one of them being "it tastes so nice it's like having a Chinese Takeaway". Although it was way better than a chinese takeaway, I appreciated his sentiments. Rachel said it was like McDonalds chicken nuggets, which I strongly disagreed with.  I made the recipe for six of us last night, so the frying in batches did take a while, but I just kept the fried ones warm in the oven until it was all ready. I used bought sweet chilli dipping sauce instead of making it so I will leave out the recipe for the chilli sauce.

Ingredients Serves 6
3cm piece of root ginger
100ml of sake or dry sherry (I used dry sherry)
50ml soy sauce
4 finely chopped spring onions
4 skin on chicken breasts, cut into 2 cm chunks (mine were skinless)
ground nut oil or sunflower oil
200g plain flour
1 red chilli shredded

Peel and grate and ginger and squeeze the juice into a bowl. Mix the sake or sherry, soy sauce and most of the spring onion with the juice and add the chicken, turn over and leave to marinade for 1-2 hours. I left it a bit late to do this and the flavour was fine, though if you can leave it that long,do.
Fill a wok or a saucepan one third full of oil and heat over a medium heat. Drain the chicken from the marinade, toss in the flour, shake off the excess flour then fry the pieces in batches. Cook for about 3 mins on each side until crisp and golden. Drain briefly on a kitchen towel to get rid of any excess oil. Serve sprinkled with the remaining onion and chilli on a warm plate with sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

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  1. We all liked these. Mine did not look as good as in your picture but did taste good. Will certainly try the recipe again, thanks.