Thursday, 20 September 2012

Chipotle glazed chicken with baked kidney beans

Whilst mooching around the specialist ingredients section of Marks and Spencers I came across a bottle of Maple Chipotle Grill sauce reduced. I have never used a chipotle sauce before but thought it sounded interesting and knew it would come in handy sometime. Last night I really didn't feel like cooking but had some chicken to use. I sussed from the flavors in the sauce that beans and chicken would work well with it, so I sliced half an onion, and mixed it with a tin of kidney beans in a roasting dish and placed the chicken on top. Then I  poured over some of the sauce, enough to cover the chicken not smother it. I cooked it for about 25 mins until the chicken was tender. The biggest effort was peeling and chopping some sweet potatoes to go with it. I just roasted these in olive oil until nicely cooked, just starting to blacken at the edges. The chicken had a spicy, smoky, and sweet bbq flavor to it. I have checked whether the supermarkets do anything similar and Waitrose and Sainsburys seem to have a chipotle sauce. It makes a good store cupboard ingredient. 

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