Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tagliatelle with smoked salmon, capers and creme fraiche

When I ask Rachel and James what they would like for tea they usually request this meal.  It comes from a book called " Vegetarian Pastability" that I bought whilst travelling with Steve in Sydney in a life before children.  We stayed in  hostels with shared kitchens, and while other travellers were adding boiling water to their super noodles I was cooking bows with broccoli, brie and walnuts.  We must have looked a bit daft but we ate well without spending a fortune. The recipe states cream but I usually use creme fraiche.  Either works.

Serves 2
100-125g of smoked salmon cut into pieces
juice of half a lemon
sea salt and black pepper
200g of tagliatelle
150 ml of single cream
4 tbspns of capers
swiss cheese (emmenthal or Gruyere) grated

1. Cut up the salmon using a sharp knife, put in a bowl and squeeze over a sprinkling of lemon juice and some black pepper.
2. Cook the pasta in salted, boiling water until al'dente, drain and put back into the pan.  Add the cream or creme fraiche while the heat is turned down low.  Pour in the capers and the salmon and mix together.  Season with a little salt and black pepper and serve on warm plates.

Cheese is good with this but not essential.


  1. This looks yummy! Do you ever try making your own pasta? Homemade pasta takes dishes like these to a whole new level. :) (You've got a new follower!)

  2. Hi there, thank you for following and taking time to comment. Funnily enough I'm going to do a pasta dish tonight and I was going to talk about fresh pasta tonight. I've got a pasta maker in the back of a cupboard , i guess I must have used it 3 times at the most. Not because I didn't like it, more of a time thing. I will have to have another try and let you know how it went. Do you make fresh pasta?

  3. OOh, I look forward to hearing all about it. :) I do make my own pasta, occasionally, yes. I have to confess that my own pasta machine sat in my cupboard for nearly 8 years before I actually got around to using it for the first time - I wish I hadn't waited! The first time was a bit of a struggle, but it gets easier and easier (and quicker!) each time. If you have a food processor make the dough in there - it takes less than 60 seconds. :) Good luck! I'm like you - a mum who likes good food. I, myself, started up a similar blog to yours in December.

  4. Thanks for the advice, I have got a food processor, that will make things easier. Had a look at your site and I've become a follower.