Sunday, 29 January 2012

Afternoon Tea and Lily's scones

Out for lunch today for a birthday celebration, so I won't have a meal photo to upload later. I am photographing or should I say Steve is photographing the meals as I cook them, then I'm writing about them. No recipe book photos used, this is what the food looks like, no enhancing needed.
Last Sunday we had afternoon tea, I have good memories of these whilst living at home with mum and dad. My mum had a teak tea trolley, she still has it infact. Very retro and fashionable now. We used to have sandwiches and Marks and Spencers blackcurrant sundaes, in the living room for Sunday evening tea.
The photo above was taken at Rachel's 12th Birthday party for a group of her girlfriends. It was a very civilised afternoon.

Lily's scones

If I'm going to make scones I use the following recipe from Nigellas "How to be a Domestic Goddess" book. I won first prize with them in our Village show years ago. My one and only claim to fame.

The addition of jam and cream makes them even more wonderful.

500g plain flour 

a pinch of salt
2 tsp bircarbonate of soda
4 ½ tsp cream of tartar
50g of butter, 25g of trex (or use another 75g butter)
100 ml milk
1 large egg, beaten for egg wash

Preheat oven to 220C. Sift the flour, salt, bicarb and cream of tartar into a large bowl. Rub in the fats till it goes like damp sand. Add milk all at once, mix briefly with a knife. Knead lightly together on a floured surface. (it may seem very sticky) Roll out to approx 3cm thickness. I use the top of a glass to cut mine out, you should get 10-12 large scones.
Place on the baking tray close together and brush with the egg wash. Put in the oven and cook for 10 mins or until risen and golden.

Add 75g of raisins or sultanas for fruit scones. To make cheese scones, add 75g of mature cheddar grated. I think sundried tomatoes and cheese would be delicious.

They are best eaten freshly baked, but if you have some left over they freeze well.

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