Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ottolenghi's, Cauliflower Cake

I wanted to try this intriguing looking recipe, with thought of serving it as a starter for a dinner party this weekend. I changed the plain flour for rice flour as I wanted a Gluten free recipe. Also I was missing some of the ingredients, the basil, sesame and nigella seeds. As I haven't made it before I'm not sure if swapping the flour changed the consistency of the cake. I found it a bit heavy and stodgy, and though it tasted good, I'm not going to make it for friends. I didn't think it was quite special enough, although very nice as a lunch time snack to take to work cold. It's also very filling.
I'll put a link to the recipe incase it takes your fancy. I thought it was worth posting the photo as it looks quite unusual. 

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