Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A snap shot of Christmas

Christmas is definitely the time of indulging in some seriously good eating, and looking at these photos now, it comes as no surprise that I have put on a few pounds over the Christmas break. I'm back to making soups and trying not to snack with the hope that they will just fall off as easily as they went on. Wishful thinking. 

Such a lovely looking meal and such a simple one,
Mirin glazed salmon

The most delicious shortcrust pastry, mince pies shouldn't just be for Christmas
Mary Berry Pastry

My table by evening
Christmas Table decoration 

A pre-christmas dinner cooked for me by my husband. Absolutely
wonderful it was, Elizabeth David's, Pheasant with cream and calvados, which I must post the recipe  for.

My usual recipe Christmas cake with a smooth icing this year (ready rolled I hasten to add)
Christmas cake

Pavlovas don't just have to be a summer dessert, this wintery version was with banana and chunks of stem ginger

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