Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nespresso coffee machine

The promise of a good coffee is one of the things I jump or should I say crawl out of bed for in the morning. I'm incredibly fussy when it comes to coffee, and object to paying for a cup of hot milk with just a taste of coffee. We bought a Nespresso machine about 4 years ago, and have been enjoying wonderful coffee at home since.  The capsules are around 30p each, not much considering how much you pay for a coffee when you go out to a cafe. I can assure you the coffee is every bit as nice, if not better than a lot of coffee places. I have always just ordered two types of capsules, a strong decaffinated one,(Decaffeinato Intenso) and a strong caffeinated one, (Arpeggio), both which make a wonderful cappuccino/latte or a full flavoured espresso. There is a wide choice of strengths and flavours to choose from, but I just make it simple, decaff or caffeinated. The top of the coffee has the wonderful crema, just like the best coffee machines. The secret is to stop the water going through the capsule after the first strong hit of the coffee. The first coffee coming out will be dark and strong, anything after that will be weaker and bitter. Of course the milk is important too and a good milk frother is essential. I bought a great one in Aldi last year, it heats the milk and froths it to the perfect consistency. They stocked them again this year, at the slightly more expensive price of £17.99.
There is a large range of Nespresso machines on the market now, some basic like mine, some much more fancier looking, some with milk frothers. On checking the John Lewis website the identical one to mine is £70 at the moment, this includes a gift certificate for £40 to purchase the nespresso capsules. Infact all the machines have this offer on at the moment. The more expensive the machine the more money towards the coffee. I think that having to order the coffee capsules on line may put people off, but the ordering process is quick and easy. The deliveries usually arrive the next day even on the free delivery option. 
So if you are struggling for Christmas presents this year and have a coffee lover in the midst, this gadget may be your answer.

Note: I am not being paid to advertise Nespresso machine, just spreading the good word.

John Lewis website

Nespresso coffee and machines


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