Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Nutribullet

I've been drinking a lot of green things recently due to the purchase of a Nutribullet. I have a fruit bowl full to the brim, frozen berries in the freezer and a huge bag of spinach in the fridge. Hence the green colour. The Nutribullet comes with a book full of recipes and a plan to lead a very healthy lifestyle by replacing breakfast with a juice then adding one in for lunch as an accompaniment to a healthy snack. I haven't gone that far, although some mornings I have had a juice and it has seen me through until lunch time. I've made some really good ones and some which have been a bit of an effort to get down. My favourite is to add a banana, some melon, a handful of berries, a handful of fresh spinach and maybe some nuts or seeds. I blend the ingredients with almond milk, which is naturally lower in fat than cows milk. I haven't lost any weight, which I would have liked, but I have had comments saying that my skin is looking good, which is pleasing to hear. It is definitely an easy way of getting the family to eat more fruit and vegetables. Although my children have been caught using it to make ice cream and oreo smoothies, which it also does extremely well!

The Nutribullet is not cheap, but it is marketed as one of the best juicers out there. "It completely breaks down your food unlocking the unused value and nutrients that come with it ". 

"Unlike most juicers and blenders Nutribullet extracts more nutrients from your food for the healthiest most nutritious drinks"

There, it's got to be good for you, anything that's green is good for you, right?
I'll put a link below with more details, I purchased mine in Lakeland, but they are available extensively.

Note, I'm not sponsored to promote this gadget. 


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