Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tuna and sweetcorn burgers

I had a cholesterol check yesterday amongst other things. I have a feeling the result may come back a little high, given my love of all things that are not too good for me. I'm making an effort to cut back on my alcohol intake, and have more alcohol free nights. The craving for a glass of wine kicks in for me as I start to cook the tea. Once that time passes and I haven't given in, I find that I'm not missing it too much. So I'll persevere and also watch the fatty foods a little more and hopefully will see and feel some benefits.
These burgers tonight were relatively healthy. The kids loved them, I was delighted when James polished off two of them. Having little in, but store cupboard ingredients and a few fridge ingredients, this recipe from the Good food website was perfect. I needed to use two eggs to bind the mixture, with one it didn't stick together and would have broken up on cooking. They were simple to make and to cook, I did put them in the fridge for half an hour or so before cooking to set them a little. In the absence of salsa I dolloped some mayo on the side. 

Serves 4

85g white bread, torn into pieces
198g can sweetcorn, drained
2 x 185g cans tuna in water, drained well
25g grated cheddar
3 spring onions, finely chopped
1 egg, beaten
2 tbsp vegetable oil
wholegrain bread rolls, lettuce, salsa, to serve

Whizz the bread in a food processor to crumbs, tip into a bowl, then whizz half the sweetcorn until finely chopped. Add the chopped corn, remaining whole corn, tuna, cheese, spring onions and some seasoning into the bowl with the bread and mix well. Add the egg, bit by bit (you may not need it all), until the mixture is sticky enough to be shaped into four even-size burgers.
Heat the oil in a non-stick pan, then cook the burgers for 5 mins on each side until golden and hot through the middle. Stuff into wholemeal buns with your favourite lettuce and a good dollop of salsa.

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