Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Slow roast belly of pork

I felt I was in a Gastropub tonight with this meal. I bought the belly of pork yesterday at Marks and Spencer and just followed the cooking instructions on the packet. I did turn the heat up for the last 20 minutes just to make sure the skin became crispy, and I didn't cook it for the full 2½ hours. More like 2 hours. It is incredibly tasty, probably due to the fat content, which let's face it does provide the taste.  I accompanied the pork with creamy mashed potato and savoy cabbage, with an apple sauce. The apples haven't made it into chutney yet.

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  1. Bonjour! C'est fran├žois! I am again in England! I look at your food pictures and it is delicious! Your food is good because in France we think the English mange only poisson et frites! I canot eat some cheese, but I think will cook soon one of your recettes and tell you if I do good or bad! I do not see Alain on this siteweb today. It is sad because he does many funny things! A bientot.