Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Carrot, cumin and kidney bean burger from Jack Monroe

My mum sent me an article the other day about a single mother who feeds herself and her son for around £10 a week. She has a blog, where amongst other things she writes the recipes for the thrifty and nutritious food that she cooks for herself. She has just signed a book deal with Penguin as a result of these frugal recipes. Last night she won the Judges Award at the Fortnum and Mason food awards,"made at their discretion in recognition of a piece of work, an individual or a campaign thought to have inspired people to enjoy, explore and experiment with food and drink". She sounds like a very inspirational lady who has been living on the poverty line and I think her blog will make interesting reading. I made these burgers from her blog tonight, not because I am economising on food all of a sudden, but because I thought they sounded lovely. I was not disappointed. I didn't make them for the children as I didn't expect they would be to their taste, but I might make them again and try them with them. The lady in question Jack Monroe costs them at 9p per portion, that's pretty good going if you were watching the pennies, for something that tastes so good. I'll have to try a few more of her recipes. The blog is called A Girl Called Jack, take a look. The following link will take you to the recipe for the burgers. Carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers.

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