Thursday, 7 March 2013

Turkey stir fry with ginger and teriyaki

Rachel now has fixed braces. My life is going to be hell for the next 2 years if the last two days are anything to go by. Of course it is all my fault. They look fine, but her mouth is aching all the time and she can't eat properly. She loves her food so this feels like the end of the world for her. Day 2, she wanted them out. I politely asked her just to give it a few more weeks, however tempted I felt to ring the Orthodontist last night and have them removed. I'm making soft food for her at the moment. As my kids don't really like stir fries I used this oppurtunity to make this turkey stir fry last night with an assortment of vege from the fridge and some turkey steaks. I don't really think I need to write a recipe for stir fry but the addition of some chopped fresh ginger and a couple of big dollops of teriyaki sauce (tesco ingredients) definitely made the dish. I added a handful of plain unsalted cashews nuts just at the end of the cooking time. 


  1. This looks delicious. Right up my street. Love broccoli.
    Gosh I remember braces. Thankfully mine was a removable palate, just to straighten a rogue front tooth. But they did ache sometimes :(

    1. You were lucky, rachel would have been happier with a removable brace but it wouldn't have done the job.Things were a wee bit better tonight.