Saturday, 4 August 2012

Roast tomato tart with fresh mozzarella and pesto

I'm back again, returned from a short break in the Lakes with my lovely sister and family. Never a dull moment as usual, with lots of funny moments and mishaps. Jo cooked the roasted pepper dish (see February entry) one night, but added tomatoes, aubergine, anchovies, red onion and garlic. She used halloumi cheese instead of feta. It was delicious. Last night I cooked the recipe on the front of Olive Magazine this month. Rachel couldn't believe how easy it was to prepare and how good it tasted. It is similar to the goats cheese and tomato tart that I have blogged in the past, but I loved the addition of the fresh pesto.

Serves 4
375g puff pastry (ready rolled make it even quicker)
1 egg beaten
50g parmesan grated
12-14 tomatoes sliced
1 ball of mozzarella torn into pieces
2 tbsp of fresh pesto mixed with a squeeze of lemon (available in tesco)

Heat the oven to 200C. Unroll the pastry sheet and roll a little to make it a few centimetres  larger, keeping the rectangular shape.
Score a very thin border (about 1 cm) in from the edge. Glaze the border with the egg and scatter the Parmesan inside the border. Top with the tomato slices, overlapping so they cover the whole base.
Season well then bake for 20-25 mins until the pastry is crisp and golden and the tomatoes have caramelised a bit.
To serve scatter over the mozzarella then drizzle with the pesto.

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