Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Sticky Ginger Cake with Ginger Fudge Icing

I've just finished a piece of this cake. I couldn't wait, it was still a little warm. It's just one of those cakes that you just savour with each mouthful and wonder why you haven't made it more often. I just gave my nephew Max a piece, he took a bite closed his eyes and just nodded his head, it said it all really. It's from a book called '101 cakes and bakes', by good food magazine, and it's years since I made it last, I have a feeling I won't leave it so long til next time . 

Serves 16
200g unsalted butter
175g molasses sugar
3 tbsp black treacle
150ml milk
2 large eggs
4 pieces stem ginger drained from syrup and chopped
300g self raising flour
1 tbsp ground ginger

for the icing
4 tbsp ginger syrup drained from jar
300g golden icing sugar
140g unsalted butter softened
2 tsp lemon juice

Preheat oven to 160C
Butter and line 23cm round tin
Gently melt butter, sugar, treacle
Cool briefly then stir in milk
Beat in eggs and add chopped stem ginger
Stir in flour, ground ginger and pinch of salt
Combine thoroughly
Spoon mixture into tin and level surface
bake for 35-40 mins or until firm and risen (don't worry if it cracks slightly on surface)
Cool in tin for 1 hour then transfer to wire rack
Skewer the top of the cake and pour 2 tbsp of the syrup over.
Beat together icing sugar, butter, lemon juice, and remaining ginger syrup and spread thickly over cake

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