Sunday, 29 November 2015


I decided I needed a bit of a challenge in the cookery department and choux pastry is something  I've rarely tried to make. So I was inspired to make a Croquembouche the other evening. I followed Delia Smiths recipe, as I always find her recipes very reliable and successful. The choux buns turned out incredibly well and they weren't as difficult as I had imagined. They were light and airy inside and crisp on the outside. The filling was easy to make, the only bit I found challenging was dipping the buns into scalding hot caramel, which resulted in a few burnt fingers.  The caramel starts  to set quite quickly so you need to work efficiently to assemble your creation. The finished result looks very special, and would look even more so, if the amount was doubled to make a very high tower. 

Her is the link to the recipe, Croquembouche 

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