Thursday, 31 July 2014

Salad Nicoise

I do like to return home after a holiday. It gives me great pleasure landing on home turf. I've only been away one week, but tonight look forward to my own bed and all that is homely and familiar. I have just spent a week in Nice with my family, I loved the city, but not the food. There's lots of tourist trap restaurants, which unfortunately we seemed to stumble upon. I ended up self catering on a few evenings as we were nearby to a decent supermarket. As Nice is the home of salad Nicoise and the one I had in a restaurant was very average, I made my own version one evening. I enjoyed it much more without the inflated price tag. There are lots of variations on this recipe I'm sure, but my version was fairly simple.

Serves 4
Salad leaves of your choice
1 tin of tuna
I tin of anchovies
4 boiled eggs, quartered
8 tomatoes quartered
A vinegarette dressing

Optional Additional ingredients:
Green beans 
new potatoes
broad beans


  1. Looks delicious Sally. I've just spent a week in Nice too! Sorry to hear you weren't overly impressed with the food - my experience was altogether different. I wrote a review of some of the places we ate. You can read it here:

    1. Thanks Nicole, loved reading your post. It took me back to that lovely city. I think we were just a bit unfortunate in our choices and should have done a bit more research on where to eat before we got to Nice. It sounds like you had a great week .